Saturdays 10am-2pm
Writing a bio.....hmmmmm.....I figure if you want to know something then just ask....but I have to write SOMETHING so here you go! 
My name is Mandy and I have a crazy sense of humor.  I like to call things the way I see it which gets me in trouble sometimes.  I have a wicked belch, I love all kinds of music and I was born bleeding green and yellow!  GO DUCKS!  If we are talking basketball, I am a Spurs fan and that goes back to David Robinson.  Acting and spokesperson roles are a passion of mine and even though I may not take it to the top, I love it!  I play many roles throughout the day and my most important role is being a mom to my amazing daughter!!  I started radio in 2007 by accident. Being the 1st Kiefer Kia Princess opened many doors, then came The Stereo Store.  Being a personality on the radio, a sales person, a mom and an actress speaks wonders for what I am capable of.  I love the outdoors, specially camping and fishing!  Salmon fishing is the best!  Basics:  My favorite color is purple and I love mexican food and sheppards pie.  I appear on the Donkey Show from time to time but you can find me on Saturdays from 10a-2p.  I love people but I have to say that the KFLY listeners are the best!  They kick ass!!  I LOVE THE THROBBITS and if you want to know anything else, just ask!  xoxoxo